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Re: Does anyone know Jeremy Thibodaux from Napoleonville

i will contact you later this evening....thanks much...looking forward to more info on him....

Re: Does anyone know Jeremy Thibodaux from Napoleonville

thanks, i will do that....

Re: Does anyone know Jeremy Thibodaux from Napoleonville

Below are a few of the typings of one J. Thibodaux that I found to be interesting:

Dennis, you should always check more into a Thibodeaux that spells his last name like "Thibodaux". I mean, come on man, you're an Hebert! You ought to have plenty of experience with such matters. A-Bear, Herbert, Heybare, etc, etc, etc.

Nov 30, 2011
"yes my name is Jeremy Thibodaux I am from south Louisiana I was have been loving cajun music all my life and I have learned to play the Cajun accordion and I had three chances to join a band and live my music life but I have no money to buy one so I am asking you if you would find it in your heart to donate your accordion to me so I can go on with my music career and once I achieve my goal I promise you I will repay you and i will thank you the most for donating it and helping me achieve my dreams.."

Nov 28, 2012
"Yes i am looking for music song sheets for my cajun accordions i have a C and D accordion. I cant read music so I would like them in a easy form to read. Like if it shows a plain 3 on a C accordion that means pull out and thats gonna be in the key of D and if the 3 is circled that meens push in and that is in the key of C."

Nov 29, 2019
"Cajun Accordion in the key of D made by Acadian. I am selling it for $1200 if interested text or call me at 225-206-4273 ask for Jeremy."

Nov 30, 2012
"yes i do if you can text me on my cell at 225-206-4273 and i will text you the pictures."

Apr 4, 2013
"yes i am interested in your falcon accordion forsale if you still have it forsale contact me on my cell at 225-206-4273.."

Nov 24, 2014
"I am looking for a cajun accordion in the key of D forsale. Email me at thibodauxsho@yahoo.com with information.."

July 9, 2015
"Forsale $2,500 FIRM!! Acadiana Cajun Accordion key of C, shoulder strap, carry case, mic, moniter, and reciever.. Contact me on here or at 225-264-2888.."

July 19, 2015
(In response to another brave stating "Dude, you must be smoking!" in ref to the price of the Acadiana Accordion.)
"Dude i know what i have and i know what its worth and i will sell it $2,500 firm if you dont like my post dont comment on it and go **** off some where else.."

Greezy says: this guy sold off or wanted to sell off all the accordions he ever had. He had no money to buy an accordion, yet he had 2 in his possession....or so he said he did. At this point, he still has the last one or "a theoretical Acadiana accordion" and he also has a big wad of cash that someone sent him via mail for that Acadiana. The writing was and still is on the got dam wall!

Re: Does anyone know Jeremy Thibodaux from Napoleonville

Jeremy and his cousin each bought an accordion at the same time from Leland. I know this because Leland told. The dip **** still can’t play the accordion and with the amount of smoke coming out of his ass someone should call the fire department

Re: Does anyone know Jeremy Thibodaux from Napoleonville

Did his cousin go by the name of Jarrow Thibodaux?

Also Dennis, that check should be kept on record by your bank. On the back of it will be a signature and also the bank that cashed it for Mr Thibodaux. That will give a nearby location and a bank that he frequents.

If it comes down to it, I will give the name and address of an older female relative of his. Found in right off on the internet.

Hopefully, Mr Thibodaux is just having technology problems with his phone and email address and he has already shipped the accordion like a good lad.

Remember that "shipping" around the holidays is subject to problems. You might just git that accordion soonly.

Was this the same Acadiana accordion that he was trying to sell for $2500? And now is accepting $1500.

Re: Does anyone know Jeremy Thibodaux from Napoleonville

Sorry to hear about this man. Wish you the best of luck. But hey, I'll say one thing... Acadiana accordions are some of the best around. And I know this is a bit late to advise, but I'd suggest trying to deal with Mr. Leland directly next time. Apart from making great accordions, Mr. Leland is just an awesome dude. He was a good friend of my late grandfather, and never did I hear a single bad word uttered about him. So yea, call the cops, get your money back, and go see Mr. Leland.

Have a great day everyone! :v: :smile:

Re: Does anyone know Jeremy Thibodaux from Napoleonville

Reason i did not contact Leland for one was i read an article within the last year or so in the Lafayette newspaper that said he had stopped making accordions. We will just have to see how this turns out.....

Re: Does anyone know Jeremy Thibodaux from Napoleonville

He appears to be on Facebook. Seems to be quite the classy individual.

Re: Does anyone know Jeremy Thibodaux from Napoleonville

Pahaha Bryan, LOL "classy". As in which class? 3rd Class perhaps as opposed to Executive Suite Section?

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