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Re: La valse du Vacher ( Cowboy Waltz)

Send it to me and I will transcribe it for you

Re: La valse du Vacher ( Cowboy Waltz)

I'm probably completely out of my league, but there is a complete listing of the words in French on a website named reddit. The words come from Dennis McGee's version which is probably the original version. Just do a google search for "valse des Vacher lyrics Dennis McGee" and you can get to the reddit website.

The song has also been recorded by Ray Landry, Robert Jardell, Bone Tones, Beausoleil Steve Riley, and the Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band. The Savoy-Doucet CD is "Live at the Dance." In the accompanying booklet, the lyrics are given in French and English.

Just a related bit of information - I do have a cassette by Ed Gary and Aldus Broussard titled "Old Time Cajun Songs," and Cowboy Waltz in not on that recording.

Jack Bond

Re: La valse du Vacher ( Cowboy Waltz)

Thanks for the replies everyone, I have listened to most of these and Ed’s Lyrics are are little different but each one is equally as good. I think I have written down as much as I could legibly understand, of Ed’s version, hopefully I can post it when I complete it . Merci.

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