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Re: Since We're Talking About Fiddling

The first black Cajun musician to ever be recorded was not Amede Ardoin, but the unsung, former convicted fellon fiddle player by the name a Douglas Bellard. By the way, Douglas Bellard has been accused of poisoning Amede Ardoin out of pure jealousy. Seems that Bellard wanted to join up with Amede and play fiddle with him, but Ardoin chose another and left Bellard hanging. Then Amede Ardoin went on to record and became the "new" first black Cajun to be recorded. Bellard got royally screwed. Could it have been revenge on Bellard's part?

Does anyone else hear the accordion base seconds being played in the background by Kirby Riley? Who in the hell was Kirby Riley? Anybody know?

And why in the living hell is he only playing the base seconding on that accordion in this recording.

Steve Riley, if you read this, do you know who Kirby Riley was?

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