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Re: Jam songs

Hey Joe Sue, I understand your frustration with having to come up with 10 songs or so to have ready for your jam sessions. In your case, you're attending 3-4 different jam session per week. Do you keep playing the same 10 songs or do you learn 40 songs?

You don't want to hear theories and such, you only want a list of songs. That's just what I figured. Another accordion player wanting instant results without having to pay the price of patience.

Figure out your own got dam list. The other thing is, you didn't go back and read. Not long ago on this forum I opened up a playlist to the whole got dam world. On that playlist there are currently 137 different videos and versions of Cajun songs with what key accordion is being played, and the which key of that accordion is being used to play the song. I'm even starting to add which fiddle tunings are best to use for each song. I figure you can go and do the work yourself and find out how to get to that list and pick your got dam list of songs from it.

4 jam sessions a week man? That is almost to the point of sickness. Don't you have to work for a living?

I'm not being mean to you, I'm only trying to steer you into a point of view that may serve you more better.

Oh, and D-wag, why you hatin? I don't like the idea that you say that I'm only talking to myself and no one is listening. That is very hurtful that you would say such a thing. Is that your complete understanding of my efforts? That I am some crazy guy that mutters nonsense only to myself? That anything I say or type is useless to anyone else?

Re: Jam songs

Greezy, I did not say that at all; you always have great topics and source knowledge...which confuses me as to why you use so many different personalities. It's kind of off-putting for me to see you hold conversations with yourself. We all know that you are The Blue Max and 33rd degree Master Musician...you're not fooling anyone (well, your not fooling me, anyway) so I find it very odd that you feel the need to pretend to be different people. But, like I said, you are one knowledgeable dude when it comes to Cajun culture and music.

Re: Jam songs

Greezy, I apologize, please don't let my smart-ass remarks discourage you from posting.

Re: Jam songs

Ok D. Thank you for that. I must have read your comments using my combative personality yesterday. To you too Joesu'(can you tell us how to pronounce your name). I may have come off pretty hard on you as well. For that, I also apologize to you both. I'll be the first to admit that I do have multi personalities. They all serve me well depending on the situation LOL.

D-wag, an explanation of the different personalities....they are stick figures. Don't ever forget that. If you ever meet us in person, they will hide themselves but, the attentive person might be able to detect them within us. We use them due to the nature of the internet. If we were to use our real names identifying our person or persons, with all the controversial things we tend to say, the guilt and worry of the judgment upon our persons would be too much. We already tried it and it did not go well. Ok, I will go back to speaking in the singular now. This multi personality talk is starting to freak me out too.

Joesu', I used to attend jam sessions myself. The older players that I knew personally, never carried a written song list. They didn't carry a song book either. They played the songs that they felt they wanted to play or they'd play the songs that someone at the jam would request. Sometimes, the fiddle players would start a song and the old accordion players would either pick it up or not play along at all. Sometimes, some other accordion player at the jam would pick it up instead. As time goes by, the well practiced accordion player will be able to pick up on just about any song and pull it off as if he knows it provided the song being played is within the keys that his accordion, and he himself, the accordion player is capable of playing. You really need to communicate with the fiddle players at them jam sessions. Get their input and find out which key they prefer playing in according to how they have their fiddle tuned. Then, with time, you practice playing songs on your accordion on those keys. You do realize that a fiddle player (and guitar players too) prefer certain key songs when he or she is playing fiddle or guitar? Just like accordion players prefer playing in either "C" or "G" on the "C" accordion. Let these hidden facts guide you and your list making.

Re: Jam songs

The list isn't so much to carry to the Jams, it's for home practice and learning the lyrics and finding them on records. If 4 people would give 10 songs, that's 40 new songs to practice the lyrics etc...

Re: Jam songs

I'm glad no one included La Porte En Arriere in their list. Used to love that song and now can only listen to the original.

My short list that I'd play at any jam and most fiddlers should know.

2 steps
One Step de Chameaux
Port Aurthur Blues
Walker Special


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