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thanks Nedro, well said, I see it also as do most everyone else here. I much like everybody just want to play my accordion and learn new songs and new techniques, when I get "stuck" I just want to ask "how-to" get "unstuck", not an argument. if I wanted to argue i'd just yell across the room. not meant as disrespectful to anyone but a truthful observation. (read as ,,, yea,what he said.)


Exact reason why I don’t post here anymore. People would rather rant than share valuable information.

And how about that guy that responds to himself with two to three alisases. You’re not gonna tell me that it’s two, three different people...

That’s all for now.



And the attack on Greezy begins once again. Nice chime in Cameron. Good to see you're still there lurking and learning. I see you couldn't help but to jump on the band wagon and throw your very own stone at the man carrying the cross in that last comment of yern.

I wonder if Socrates ever talked to himself?? I know he did. When he did that, was he trying to help himself only or was he trying to help the world with such a "one sided" conversation? Did people see him doing it? Did they dismiss him as a lunatic? Evidently not. They still study him to this very day in institutions of higher learning. LOL

That's all for now.



Did you not "talk to yourself" of sorts when you were typing your thoughts on a got dam computer keyboard? I mean, you were expressing an idea and it was coming from your brain, yet no one was answering you back with their voice at the time. Were you speaking each word that you were typing aloud? If you were, I wouldn't hold it against you, to each his own if that's the way you like to talk to a computer screen.

Face it folks, we're all accordion players that talk to a computer in order to play the accordion better and relieve our minds of things that trouble us about playing accordion. If you really think about it, that would qualify every last one of us as a complete lunatic in the old master's eyes.


Now, that's all for now. I don't want to seem like I'm "ranting".

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