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Re: The elusive "key of F" accordion

Bryan, you have no idea just how right you are. Time and understanding within this accordion discussion group will prove it. For those that are able to pay attention, seek, search, and decipher all of it, once it's all said and done.

You'll see......

Re: The elusive "key of F" accordion

Woops, this thread needs a correction for posterity's sake. My comments concerning the 2nd position have been proven wrong by my very own self. The positions have changed to a new system.

"C" accordion positions/KEY PATTERNS = 6

There used to be only 3 positions spoken of: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The only one that was correct was the 1st (being the primary key of any Cajun accordion). ie: most popular Cajun accordion is a "C" accordion whose primary key on the push is "C".

Positions or Keys (any Cajun accordion)

1st position = primary key on the push

2nd position = blues key pattern (rare)

3rd position = trinity pattern(rare)aka "The Holy Trinity" named for the 3 repeating push chords on any Cajun accordion. On a "C" accordion the trinity is the "E" chord

4th position = the backside pattern. Used to be the 3rd position

5th position = on the pull aka "In the 5th". Used to be the 2nd position

6th position = gypsy key pattern, the Mardi Gras song pattern (rare)

Confirmation Button Chord Doubles (any Cajun accordion)

1st position = push buttons 3/6. push buttons 6/9.

2nd position = pull buttons 3/7.

3rd position = push buttons 1/4. push buttons 4/7. push buttons 7/10.

4th position = pull buttons 4/8. pull buttons 4/5/8.

5th position = push buttons 2/5. push buttons 5/8. pull button 1.

6th position = pull buttons 5/9.

FYI...Jim Pettijohn aka BmoreBusker is attempting to show some of these chords and positions on youtube as of late. Could it be that he has read and understood my discoveries and declarations and is now using them to take a couple steps up the ladder of hierarchy? Why sure he is. Right Jum? Thas mah boy! LOL, I think he hates me.

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