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Re: Shhhhh!

Jerry you make a good point, it is quiet. Pot stirring is certainly in your skill set but I have observed a calmer Jerry in recent posts. For this I blame Mr. Nightlamp, who's up close and personal influence appears to have smoothed your waters. Of course I accept that this state can only be temporary.
Currently I am learning waltzes so here's my question du jour. How fast should a waltz be played? depends on the song and singer? depends on the dancers? depends on which waltz?

Re: Shhhhh! Tempos

As I recall, Raymond Francois in the “Yellow Book” set two steps at 175 and waltzes at 130 bpm. However most dance bands play two steps at 200 and waltzes vary. Paul Daigle’s “double time” waltzes are dancehall favorites.

So, Mr. Guy, the answer to your question is yes.

Re: Shhhhh! Tempos

As always, Swami Ned, your comment is insightful.

Re: Shhhhh!

I’m still me, nothing has changed. Well I correct myself. The idiots and know it all’s are in hiding or decided to leave. In response to your question waltz’s and two steps are being played faster now than when originally recorded. Cajun dancing is pretty much on the end of its life.

Re: Shhhhh!

I'm not allowed out to play with y'all till I get my grass cut. Plus trying to learn fi fi poncho off a video while trying to not look at the paper. Madame Jeude said I could come out and play after did something about the knee high yard.
Look out boy here comes your mama you was supposed to warn me.
Huh? No girl it's a text about work!

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