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Figuring Out That Left Hand

Hi all -- I'm a new player, and I've been having fun learning some of the classic beginner tunes (e.g. Colinda) on my accordion. However, I'm having trouble adding bass. I listen to instructional tracks and try to copy off them, but it never sounds right, possibly because I can't hold steady time with the left hand or figure out when exactly to push. It doesn't help that the instructional books/sites I've looked at focus on the right hand and just kind of say 'Now add bass!' I have a record called 'Traditional Cajun Accordion' by Gerard Dole, and I've found the exercises on that that to be very useful, but I'm having trouble translating that to actual music.

Does anyone have any suggestions for adding this element to my playing? Or even any easy tunes to to learn on? Thanks in advance -- I really enjoy reading this forum.

Re: Figuring Out That Left Hand

Go watch Chris Miller's videos on youtube, especially his Love Bridge Waltz videos

Re: Figuring Out That Left Hand


Not to excessively blow my own horn, but I do focus on left hand in my
Learn Cajun Accordion dvd's ..

You familiar?


:-) BN

Re: Figuring Out That Left Hand

Nick you might try this. The time signature for all two steps is 4/4 or sometimes called common time. So each measure has four beats or each beat is a quarter note. You play the bass on each of these beats starting with the lower button and then alternating with the top button. Set your metronome (included I believe in most music software such as Audacity, Slowdowner) up to beat four times in a measure and play bass along with it. I have found even with seasoned 'beginners' that the bass rhythm can be an after thought. Also, if you learn to read music this all becomes simple to follow.

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

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