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Accordion Scammer Arrested

Jeremy Thibodaux....I think this is the same guy who had been trying to sell that Acadiana for a few years now...

"A 29-year-old Napoleonville man was arrested Thursday after committing an online scam, authorities said.Jeremy Thibodaux, of 346H La. 401, is charged with felony theft, the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office said. Detectives began investigating Thibodaux on Jan. 17 after receiving a complaint from the Eugene Police Department in Oregon that he advertised the sale of a musical instrument on Craig’s List, authorities said. When the victim sent Thibodaux a $1,500 check to buy the instrument, the suspect deposited the money into his personal bank account but never sent the instrument, police said. After interviewing Thibodaux on Thursday, he acknowledged his participation in the scheme and was taken into custody, the Sheriff’s Office said. Thibodaux was booked into the Assumption Parish jail to await a bond hearing."


Re: Accordion Scammer Arrested

I have assisted the buyer in getting justice. I know this asswipe. Apparently he still has the accordion, he sent a friend of mine a picture of it a week or two ago. He's scheduled for trial in June. And I have already posted this article here.

Re: Accordion Scammer Arrested

way to go Jerry, good job, he needs to be held accountable for his stupidity.

Re: Accordion Scammer Arrested

well with this guy you get the whole package-stupid, no talent, lying **** head and a thief with a new line on his resume CRIMINAL, THANKS

Re: Accordion Scammer Arrested

tri-fecta, man I hate a fu@#ing thief.

Re: Accordion Scammer Arrested

ever body will know him for sure now. Pierre Part La is a small place and people in Louisiana love to eat and talk

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