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Ambrose Thibodeaux

I have a few questions about the 5 LP's of Ambrose Thibodeaux.
Does anybody know the release-date of his last LP on the Bee label (BEE 136)
On all covers is information about the musicians
except de one on La Lousianne Records LL133.
Maybe I miss an inlay with some information about that?
Thanks in advance !

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

CFMA infers that the date is 1979.



Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

Thanks Wade :blush:
I looked at that page and didn't read it properly :smirk:

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

I know I have at least 3 of his LP's didn't know there were 5 so I have some collecting to do.

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

1. Authentic French Acadian Music, 2. More Authentic Acadian French Music, 3. That French Acadian Sound, 4. Authentic Cajun French Music and Folk Songs, and 5. The Authentic Sounds of Cajun French Music and Folk Songs of Acadiana (first four on La Louisianne, last one on Bee).

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

Thanks Neil

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

I’m missing the last one

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