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Re: Figuring out how to follow a CD: Jolie BLonde

Victoria Ann....remember you this. Most Cajun songs can be played on just 4 buttons (5,6,7,8). You play them songs slow at first trying to find every note you hear being played on the recording and gradually, work up to actual speed without missing any got dam notes. By sound and feel you figure out when to push and pull the bellows with each single button and/or blends. When you get bored playing single (straight style) notes, then you start hunting for the doubles or "sister buttons" of all those little single notes you've been working on and perfecting.
The Cajun accordion is never played well at the start. It is an instrument that requires time to perfect. That is just as well, because if it were easy we'd have every smoking joe in the world playing Cajun accordion and claiming to be the best within their first year. Then what would it be worth to even learn Cajun accordion?

Earn your stripes. Most every Cajun has learned the Cajun music on his or her own since the beginning. They can sing it, whistle it, clap their hands to it, etc. The only advantage a Cajun has over everyone else is that a Cajun constantly listens to Cajun music. Reproducing the music becomes second nature and intuitive. Makes learning to play Cajun accordion and fiddle much easier. If you want a child to learn French at home, you're not going to speak Chinese to it. You're going to speak French to it. Tah Prend Ca? (You got it?)

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