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Accordion Crimes Update

I got a message in my facebook page from Jeremy Thibodaux. He has a junk box Cajun accordion made by Elton Doucet. I don't know how old it is but it definitely wasn't new. He wants $1500 for it. I thought that an interesting price seeing how he ripped off Dennis Hebert off for that same amount. I told him I don't need another D accordion and I don't like that builders accordions. So then I asked him when his court date is? He said he doesn't have a court date. I then asked him if he settled up with the guy in Oregon that he ripped off? He blocked me. LMAO

Re: Accordion Crimes Update

I recon he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, what a dumb-ass.

Re: Accordion Crimes Update

Hey Jerry sell me your D Acadian then go buy his I'll send a money order for half you send one for half that way we both gotta testify in court and when we get done we can go get some gumbo and swing bu Leland's

Re: Accordion Crimes Update

I shipped yesterday UPS let me know when you get it. lol

Re: Accordion Crimes Update


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