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Re: greezy 33 blue and now tired

Very readable explanation David, thanks for that.
I play piano accordion when I was a child and they learn me to read music for that instrument.
I never use that for banjo. dobro or cajun accordion because of all those different tunings :smile:
I don't have the time to learn all those musical knowledge anymore because the only thing I want is to play that one row.
I'm jealous at some guys who can play along with anything they hear in every key/position on every accordion they have in their hands.
They can do that because they know their instrument and the positions very good :joy:
The movie of Walter Mouton with Wilson and Joel Savoy were Walter is yelling G is so awesome. And that's relatively spoken a simple change for them :wink:
I'm satisfied if I can play the songs like they are play on the records I have.

Re: greezy 33 blue and now tired

Thanks Ron,

So just to be clear, I totally get it that it is not necessary to understand or use music theory terminology in order to be a successful musician. There are thousands and thousands of musicians that are doing just fine without it.

But, even though it is not necessary, it can be very helpful and is never harmful. Music theory is simply a language that allows musicians to understand what they are doing and to communicate with other musicians. It's just a tool, a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.

I am really glad I took that music theory class in high school. I probably remember that information better than any other class I ever took, and I use it every single day. That doesn't make me better than others who did not go through that process, but it absolutely has been a key part of my success. I am a successful, professional musician. I have name recognition, people like what I do, and I get paid real money to do it. When I get hired at some new venue, I always get hired again. I have the luxury of doing exactly what I want, without compromise.


Re: greezy 33 blue and now tired

One thing is very clear and certain. David Sousa and Meloderon have been paying very close attention! As for Jerr, not so much. LOL.

David, the Greek scale you mentioned works perfectly with my system. Thanks for supplying more proof on the matter. It is easiest to just keep the key of the accordion as the 1st position (let's use the "C" accordion). Then, keeping the letters in alphabetical and numerical order like this:

"C" Accordion

C - 1st position - On the push - On the "One" y'all - The Primary
Dm - 2nd position - The Blues Key
Em - 3rd position - The Holy Trinity
F - 4th position - The Back Side
G - 5th position - On the pull - On the "Five" y'all - In the 5th
Am - 6th position - The Mardi Gras key - Gypsy Key - The Holy Ghost

None of this information becomes self evident nor useful if you don't label your got dam accordions people!! Like that one guy Greezy said. Very smart feller right there I'll tell ya.

Re: greezy 33 blue and now tired

David thanks a lot for your explanation. It was most refreshing. Music theory and Cajun music need not be strangers.

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

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