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Re: Name That Tune!

Now you're getting on a whole nother level Bassman! Glad to see it and hear it. That music is from the Breaux Brothers as in Amedee Breaux the "other" Amedee. Many people overlook the music of Les Breaux Freres (The Breaux Brothers).<< They were related to this Cleoma Breaux we keep hearing about, lol.

Amedee Breaux begat and begat and spat out until a young feller named Jimmy Breaux came out one day. LOL.

Amedee Breaux was definitely a tricky man and a trick accordionist! If one were to buy the CD or Cassette of music done by these guys, and force oneself to listen to it for an hour each day for 3 months, a whole nother level of awareness about Cajun music would be the result. I do not know why Amedee Breaux got overlooked so much. It could be because of his last name coinciding with another feller named Amede Ardoin? It could be that his music was just too tricky and off center of normal??

But once you become very familiar with the Breaux Brothers tunes, you will begin to realize how many accordionist have used the Breaux style as a secret weapon over the years. Sort of like a magic white rabbit being pulled out of a hat when the time is right. So discreet of a magic trick that the listener will think it is a newly produced work of art and very unique style. All the while, it had been done already by the Breaux Freres a long time ago.

Nice got dam finger work by the way Bassman. You somehow found and now know that the top buttons of that accordion work and sound pretty got dammed good brother! We all know now ifn we have eyes to see that is.

Re: Name That Tune!

Here's a little Breaux Brothers tune with Amedee Breaux bustin out with the rare "Blues Key", 2nd Position, Key of "E" on a "D" accordion.

Admittedly one of my secret weapons when it comes to using the obscure as a weapon.

If that video above doesn't work, here's another of the same title

I will forever associate the music of Amedee Breaux with a farmer's road named Liberty Farm Road south of Kaplan. It was on this stretch of road where I'd listen to the Breaux Brothers every time I'd go to work in the morning. Just thought I'd throw in that tid bit of information for ya.

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