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Re: No Jerry, it applies to your childish outbursts.

You wwas right on the lick now what about the remix way down part?

Warning: This message contains music theory content which may be disturbing to some readers

So, I'm not really doing it like Chris does it. He's jumping down into the lower octave at times, I haven't really sat down to figure out exactly what he's doing.

What I'm doing is all on buttons 5, 6, 7, 8 - that nice comfy "home" position. I'll try to tab it for you. button number with ' means pull, no ' means push

58 (octave blend), 7, 7' (x 4 times)
5' 6' 7'

(repeat entire pattern several time)

On the main lick of the song, I'm mostly playing it on buttons 5 6 7 8, with some index finger stretches to the higher buttons. But I'm sure he's doing lower octave jumps in there in spots.

Many of the younger generation of Creole players like to hang out on buttons 2 3 4 5, with some index finger stretches onto button 1. That's the position they play those cool accordion breakdowns. Keith Frank is the king of breakdowns. I've yet to fully master that skill.

Re: Warning: This message contains music theory content which may be disturbing to some readers

Cool thank you I'm going to see if I can get it ro work for me

Re: Jerry Moody - There you go again.

Jerry, so nice to see that the Luddites have not been forgotten.

Re: Jerry Moody - There you go again.

When I think of progressive Cajun music I also think about Rock N Roll. Remember the phrase "Rock and Roll will never die?" Well it did. I will take my music Comme C'etait

Re: Jerry Moody - There you go again.

Everything has it's place and so I am trying to figure out how music theory fits into the genre of Cajun music. The group name is Cajun Accordion Discussion Group. The information shared,really has nothing to do with playing a single row diatonic accordion. Now keep in mind I know very little about music theory so I am really looking for some guidance. As important as it might be when playing many genres of music can any of explain that to me?

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