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The Harrison Fontenot Cajun Collection

Even though I have about half of these songs already on Mp3, I just bought this digital album from Amazon ($9.49 or $0.99 per song), sort of a "Greatest Hits" collection from one of my favorite accordion players. Track listing:

1. Cajun Saints Go Marching In
2. La Bonne Cord Mauvais Yo-Yo
3. Clotilla
4. Pistache A Tante NaNa
5. Danser Codeine
6. Cajun Twist
7. Fume, Fume, Fume
8. La Betaille
9. Mamou Hillbillies
10. Lonesome Soldier Waltz
11. Let's Go To Lafayette (Instrumental)
12. Jealous Heart
13. Fee Fee Can't Dance (Instrumental)
14. Crying My Heart Out Over You
15. Cajun Limbo Rock (Instrumental)
16. If Teardrops Were Pennies
17. Battle Of The Hats (Studio Intro)
18. Battle Of The Hats
19. Une Histoire Triste
20. May You Never Be Alone
21. La Cravate
22. Les Mardi Gras (Riders In The Sky)
23. Wabash Cannon Ball
24. Lonesome Soldier Waltz (Original Studio Takes)
25. Jingle Bells (Instrumental)
26. Silent Night

Re: The Harrison Fontenot Cajun Collection

My original inspiration to both build and play accordions, and good friend of my dad's. Such a unique character.

Re: The Harrison Fontenot Cajun Collection

I love all his stuff. There was only about 5 songs on this album that I didn't already have, but I went ahead and bought the whole thing, because my recordings are mostly scratchy and low-volume, where these are louder and somewhat remastered. Along with Octa Clark and Belton Richard, he's in my "top 3" favorite accordion players. There is also a new Belton Richard collection album out (both of these came out this year). Out of the 100+ recordings of Belton's that I have, there were 3 or 4 songs on this new collection that I didn't.

Re: The Harrison Fontenot Cajun Collection

I have a Bb accordion made by Harrison Fontenot "Imperial" he made it for Mike Tate. Harrison engraved Mike's name on the bottom of the accordion. I don't know what key it was originally but there's video of Mike playing it on youtube "Café Chaud"

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