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Hohner HA114 For Sale

1950s Hohner HA 114 in the key of C
Excellent condition for its age.
All the right stuff, good reeds, sliver ends, 16 fold bellows
Obviously made in Germany.
Now discontinued by Hohner after a last ditch run of Chinese made units.
Plays well sounds great for that old timey wet sound.
$500 includes shipping in lower 48.

Photos on request.

Also a 1950s HA113 in the Key of "A"
3 reed, 3 stopper
Good condition, great sound.

$200 USD includes ground shipping and a bonus..
Comes with a deconstructed 1950s HA112 i the Key of "A"

Re: Hohner HA114 For Sale

As always offers considered.

The 50s boxes were the best of the Hohners.

More music has been made on Hohners than any other make to include Cajun made boxes.

Lots of Cajun musicians have used these over the years.

B a traditionalist !!

Re: Hohner HA114 For Sale

I’m having trouble emailing you for some reason, but I’m interested in the 114 and would love to see some photos of you have them available.

Re: Hohner HA114 For Sale

Give me you e mail address..and I'll send photos..

or mine

jefe46 Attttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt earthlink dawt netttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Re: Hohner HA114 For Sale

Hi, interested in the Hohner….can you send pics? Dan.

Re: Hohner HA114 For Sale

Hi, Jeff...
just to clarify, I was interested in the Hohner 113. If you can send any pics or a video of the sound that would be great. Dan.

Re: Hohner HA114 For Sale


HA 114 on hold.

After I send it,, I'll post a complete description.

Bargain of the decade.

Re: Hohner HA114 For Sale

Hi Jeff, is the 114 in c still for sale? Dan.

Re: Hohner HA114 For Sale

Is the HA 114 still available? Would love to purchase it :)

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