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Air Leak - Is this typical ?

Having no mentor in my vicinity I'm new to this.

Question regarding my economical Hohner 10 button accordion. Is it typical to have a small air leak in it or should it be pretty much sealed tight? I can squeeze with no keys pressed and there is a leak along the left hand side between the bellows frame and the bass frame. Perhaps in taking it apart to repair the bass button, the original seal was lost? It appears to just be a simple press seal between wood on bass side and a felt on the bellows side. There are 4 screws that hold the two pieces together. Do better instruments have more? Or is there a better method of making a seal? bathroom caulk ?
haha ~~~ Suggestions - TIA.

I got it used, and someone had repaired the C2 bass button with an external spring, this made pressing it with little finger very difficult. I opened it up and found the spring had somehow come loose. I repaired it and a bit of hot glue to keep from slipping again. Works much better now. But had to remove the bass frame end and bass box to repair.


Re: Air Leak - Is this typical ?


Never press or pull the bellows without pushing a button any button.

If you have an ariette..'they don't call them Airy ette for nothing.

Most accordions leak somewhere..

depends on how much and where to be any serious concern.

Re: Air Leak - Is this typical ?


I've had a similar experience with a Hohner Ariette.

Some minor leakage is normal, but a big air leak is not good. If you have determined the joint is accessible, i.e. two frames butting together, replace the damaged or missing gasket with weatherstripping-type foam tape. That seal is rather small, probably 1/4" wide x 1/16" thick. Tub caulk would make the next disconnect difficult and messy.

If it leaks between the bellows end and the surrounding bellows end frame, your guess is as good as mine.

The typical hand-made Louisiana accordion has only two screws for the end plates, top & bottom.

These accordions should be tight, but not completely air-tight. If you close the bellows and hold up the bass side, the keyboard will gradually bleed down as outside air sneaks in. Tiny leakage will go unnoticed during play. However, if you can feel/hear the rush of air, it sounds like you have a substantial breach.

The hot glue spring fix sounds good.

Good luck with your project,


Re: Air Leak - Is this typical ?

Thanks for information - I was kidding about the caulk.. haha!!

For now, I put some tape down the seam till I find something to replace the gasket with or see other suggestions to resolve this issue.

It is a very thin gasket. I could not hear a leak, but could feel it on my face when I put it up near the seal between the two sections. I noticed it since it seemed that couldn't get out as many notes with a squeeze of the bellows as some of the videos.
The tape helped and seems to work more like I expect it to. Not having anything to compare it with other than just a "feel" for it.

I should have started this music project when I was younger and was living in Beaumont, TX.
In NE Texas at my Daughters, just not many cajuns in this area of Texas. At least there are the online radio stations to listen to.


Re: Air Leak - Is this typical ?

Hey Dennis glad to see you made it! These guys know a lot and will help you.

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