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Re: Tit Noir

Craig, put me down for one of your Tit Noir accordion production. Magnificent.

Re: Tit Noir

Beautiful box, bag the gold.. incongruous with the silver.

Best 0f luck.

Re: Tit Noir


Craig pays homage to the Globes, Monarchs, and Sterlings, all of which used this scheme. Kudos to Craig Vincent for a handsome modern rendition of the pre-WWII German melodeons.


Re: Tit Noir

Thanks all of yall, yes I was going for the Monarch and Sterling look. Mr Guy hit me up on FB messenger if you have FB.
Hope everyone has a great weekend

Re: Tit Noir

I have been playing guitar since 1961 and owned well over a hundred, currently about 9-12.. I forget.

I have never owned nor will own an guitar or any other musical instrument with gold hardware.

It may be traditional, but not in my world.

I have owned at least 20 early accordions form Germany, Saxony, Bohemia and elsewhere, not one of them has gold with silver hardware.

Homage is one thing, gold with silver is another.,..the box fashion police will not approve it.

(Otherwise) Beautiful box as I said.


Could you build one with
1. No red on the flappers/pallets.. black ok
2. No gold... chrome ok
3. No white buttons ... chrome ok
4. No white on the bellows straps.. black only
5. No scroll work on the face plates
6. Black on black bellows.. no red, no white, no gold
7. Thumb groove on keyboard, no thumb strap

Re: Tit Noir

You're not a fancy guy I suppose Jeff :joy: :joy:
Dont you forget the non shining paint :blush: or didn't I read that.
I agree with you, but I can't miss the thumb strap :-)

Re: Tit Noir

No flash.. just the goods..
I like my accordeons to be on the MARTIN D-18 or 00-18V guitar look.


Re: Tit Noir

Hey Jeff, would be willing to do most of that but as far as scroll work I rather keep to
what in been doing and Im not to sure about the thumb groove.

Re: Tit Noir

Vincent, what is the going price for such an accordion? If I pay you an extra $100, would you put the "Name Brand" that I'm about to tell you at the top of the reed board, and Vincent Accordions at the bottom.

"CHAMPION" model

Vincent Accordions
Made In Louisiana

Be warned! This may make you a millionaire!

I know all of these request from everyone are very aggravating, but at least think on my request.. If you make the "CHAMPION" brand.....They will come.......and so will I my friend. As far as I know, "CHAMPION" brand has not been patented as a name on accordions yet.

All we'll need is 3 distinct accordion players to always play the "Champion" brand in public. The same way Wayne Toups and Walter Mouton play on the "Falcon" brand exclusively. Before you know it, people that don't even play accordion will be buying a "Champion" just to have one their house. (A phenomenon similar to what happened with the rice cooker or the Magnelite Pot in Cajun Country, Lousiana).

Do you realize how many freakin Falcon accordions were sold just because Wayne Toups plays on them?!! So many in fact, that Falcon was willing to give accordions away to Wayne as long as he'd remain a living, breathing, walking advertisement for Falcon accordions. Walter Mouton played the part of the wise and crafty Grand Master and Wayne...his hip and popular student. Now do you see how you get to be one of the "Big Three"? You've got to play on the "Pride" and "Vanity" of the people. Works every time.

Re: Tit Noir

Black one like mine currently would be $2,500.
Sorry THE BLUE MAX thats a no go on the "CHAMPION" detail.

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