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Re: Upgrading from beginner’s accordion

A few health issues from botched surgeries following crashes mnay years ago..
Plus a torn meniscus surgery a couple months ago.

All but quit playing... offed most of my accordions..
3 left...

Maybe one day when my left wrist and thumb ( which was relocated in a surgery last year in order to save it) heal up ..
and I have a little more time..
selling my place ( 11 1/2 acres in So Oregon)..
our town was invaded by dope growers so we are leaving..
Fixing this place and fixing up the place where we are moving.. this takes all my time.

Re: Upgrading from beginner’s accordion

Thanks to all who replied here or reached out to me privately with great advice. It is appreciated. I’m going to be patient, save up for a new Cajun made box, and just keep grinding on my beginners instrument for now. I’ll post back when I do upgrade and show everyone what I end up getting.

In the meantime if anyone runs across a smoking deal on a used Cajun box, send it my way. I keep a pretty close eye on Craigslist, eBay and FB Marketplace, but with what people are asking for used instruments ($$$$), i feel like I might as well save a little more and buy new.

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