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New looking for starter accordion.

Just recently caught the Cajun bug. Been watching a ton of Jesse Lege videos and I am hooked. Don't want to spend too much money tho before knowing whether I can learn to play the 10 button accordion. Reading the great wealth of good information here, it looks like an older Hohner 113 or 114 would be my best bet. I know the general distaste here for accordions made in China, but Libertybellows out of Philly sells a Chinese made Hohner, called the Cajun 4, that has actually gotten a couple of good reviews over on Melodeon.net. It sells for $400.00. I do play fingerstyle acoustic guitar (lefty) so hoping some of that will translate over to using two hands doing two different things at the same time. Like Playing treble and bass on the accordion. So If anyone has any ideas as to a good inexpensive starter box other than the ones mentioned above, I am all ears. One of the members here has a Hohner 113 for sale for $200 in good shape. That sounds ideal! But he has yet to respond to my posts. Anyway thanks for any and all suggestions. Dan.

Re: New looking for starter accordion.

I build new accordions for $1,750.00 call 337-886-5377

Re: New looking for starter accordion.

you know what your work is worth

Re: New looking for starter accordion.

Maybe someday, Mr Doucet, I will take you up on a build. How long does it usually take to build one?

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