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Re: Looking for Hohner HA 114 for sale.

Jeff Hildreth
I'm confused.

I thought you wanted the HA 113.

Had you contacted me earlier..

it is currently on hold.

Bargain of the decade if not century. Never have I seen or owned or played a 1950s HA 114 in this condition

Great instrument.

PS I have owned at least 25 Hohners.. half of them HA models

This was the best of the bunch for looks, condition, tone, tuning, playability, originality

Give me an e mail address and I'll send photos.
email me at ….kinsler757@aol.com

Re: Looking for Hohner HA 114 for sale.

The box has been sold and now available from Paul Groff in Florida for $750...

This box was one in a million.

It'll be a long time, if ever, you will see a bargain for a box such as this one.And instead spend absurd/ridiculous/obscene amounts of money for one of the Cajun big 3 mass produced boxes
which are touted to be individually crafted.

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