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Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

I have a suspicion that they named some of the Ambrose's songs incorrectly on the album, or albums, or on youtube. So, we can call those 3 songs up above anything we want to. It's not like it hasn't been done before:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sort of like when they butchered some of the song titles for Amede Ardoin: Tostape de Jennings, La Turtape de Saroied, Tortope D'osrun. and then Iry Lejeune came along, renamed and re-recorded most of them...and the rest is tainted and distorted history. :muscle:

The cool little turn comes right after 00:57. Yes, imperfection plays a huge role when it comes to Cajun music and accordion playing in general. That's all I have to say about that...life is like a box of chocolates. lol

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

Greezy, I never thought that you were hacking this and it's good to hear/read as much as possible about Ambrose and all those other old masters.
Yesterday I was driving somewhere with my four years old grandson and he allways says, "the music is too loud"
Yesterday when Ambrose was there he yelled , "louder granddad"
I played the Two Steps you put on the forum and he said to me "they sound the same"
We made a medley of it :blush:

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

good for your grandkid! They DO all sound the same until you hear them many many times, which there is plenty of time for!

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

by now you know that in Greezy's post Jul 30, 2019 - 1:17PM the first two songs are the same, should be Two Step de Musicien, and from the yellow album, NOT the first black and white album with the stenciled French Acadian Music title.

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

Say that again Neal 3 times fast without stopping. LOL.

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

Mello, that Grandson of yern....will he be playing Cajun accordion in the future? Because it sounds like he has a good ear for it. Little feller.
P.S My favorite Ambrose is "La Louisianne Two Step". It is a little repetitive and redundant, but it has a certain Je no c'est quois about it.:smirk:

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux

He want to push the buttons sometime 😊
He maybe is one of the first wooden shoe Cajun 😂😂

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