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Re: Falcon Accordions

Mr. Randy, it was a good run while it lasted. You definitely have left your mark when it comes to the Cajun accordion! I can remember at one time where a few of my friends and a mentor or two would say that your Falcon Brand was the go to best. In there minds, if you had a Falcon, you were a good player automatically! I wonder why they thought such a thing? Even when they themselves did not own a Falcon, nor, in the case of some of them, never even played on any kind of Cajun accordion before! Why would they automatically give the Falcon Brand such high praise and esteem?

I know Rusty is in Louisiana, but where is his accordion shop? I would just like to get a general idea of the area he's in. Just to see if dropping in one day and maybe having some coffee is feasible and not too far away?

Also, Mr. Randy. What will Wayne Toups do now? Do you think he can make it to the end of his music career with the Falcon Accordions that you have built for him so far? How many would you say were built for Wayne over the years? What about Walter Mouton? How many did he purchase from you?

Respect to you Sir,
Regards and Good Health!

Re: Falcon Accordions

bonne santé

Re: Falcon Accordions

Mon ami , Randy Falcon thank you for the legacy you have given Cajun muscians around the world! The Falcon is and always will be the Lamborgini / Bugatti of melodions! Merci, Merci!

Re: Falcon Accordions

It's very sad news that you have to decide to stop with building your fantastic accordions. But your health must be allways number one,I think it's a wise decision and I wish you all the best for the future. I have one Falcon accordions and it's my favorite, because from the first time I played on it, I thought that I've own it it for decades. Also with other Falcon accordions I played on I had the same experience, except the six-cylinder ones with the heavy flappers :-) It's really very good news that Rusty is take over the continuing of building.

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