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Re: Mafrtin accordion fs

Looks like Junior’s version of a vintage Tit Noir. Sweet!

Re: Mafrtin accordion fs

I did not notice before, but there is a "crawfish" under the Martin Brand Name. I had a Martin Accordion once, and it did not feature a "crawlfish" on the Stencil Pattern... Lol Crawlfish. No got dammit! It's not a "crayfish"! It's a "crawfish". But yeah, it is a nice little accordion.

Consequently, does anyone else want to do away with the herring bone trim work on the bellows frame of all accordions? I'm starting to like the way an accordion looks without those ghastly things. Especially the black ones! Straight lacquered black with silver trim. No Glitz.

Re: Mafrtin accordion fs

Agreed, particularly when these strips are mass produced and easily available, cheap and easy to install.

Like the many of the typical Cajun made accordions, lipstick on a pig.

PS Martin had an "artist/art teacher" up on the Sacramento river delta in California design and paint the crawdad on the bellows. This may have changed .
In my opinion, cheezy.

What you can't build with the best materials and workmanship.. paint the bellows and add herring bone.

Re: Mafrtin accordion fs

Yup, cheezy crawdads, chrome corners, inlays, foil on the flappers, end scrolls, and my personal favorite, lazy ass butt joints. Real class.

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