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Re: Upgrading from beginner’s accordion

Hey James. Very good idea to keep grinding on your beginner accordion until you know what you're looking for. After all, it pays to be educated before you drop a grand or 3 on a freakin accordion that should serve you for the rest of your life! The first Sterlings went for roughly $40?!! Remember what I said, you have the rest of your life to make the right choice. No need to rush. So much of Cajun accordion playing has to do with the playing style that develops over decades of playing. I've seen novices that couldn't make an accordion sound good no matter what they played on, but those same accordions in the hands of a master sounded just fine. Playing doubles and triples make the sound of your accordion much fuller. Playing doubles and triples with the right timing and rhythm, make the sound of your accordion unforgettable to the ears that hear it. It is also much more satisfying to the player to be able to play on more than just the 3 middle buttons, lol.

Playing on a crappy accordion with bad action? Well, that will make you that much more smoother and appreciative as a player when you finally find that "perfect" accordion for you (not going to happen). You'll have to settle for what you can get just like everyone else. The key is to mold yourself to the accordion that you do get. Otherwise, you'll never be satisfied and you'll spend way more money than you should.

You rushed in and bought a Chinese Hohner didn't you? By doing that, you broke the first rule of playing Cajun accordion.......patience.

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