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Re: So You Say You're Having Trouble with Zydeco C'est Pas Sale?

Just play it like this:

Re: So You Say You're Having Trouble with Zydeco C'est Pas Sale?

What the heck?!!! Chris Miller went and took David Greely out of his chosen obscurity and subjected him to the loud, fully amped stage scene just to make an attempt to outshine Steve Riley?!!! I don't know why I didn't think of doing that muhdamself. Brilliant! I wonder how Mr Greely is handling it? Is he teeter tottering on the edge of quiet and peaceful obscurity and the unhinged, over the top insanity of Cajun music comeback glory? We shall see folks.....we shall see.

Personally, I think David should find himself a very pretty girl from Canada who can sing in French with a high tenor voice and go on the road with her all over the world. Then in about 6 months or so, marry her and knock her up so that she can't quit the band. Hey wait just a cotton picken minute, this is starting to sound very familiar!

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