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Re: What does a Martin sell for new these days?

Say Randy...what does Martin have a selection of ready to go? Did he build some demo accordions tuned in all the different keys for everyone to try out??!! That would be pretty awesome to go and pick the key accordion you think you'd like to buy and have a go at it for a few songs and maybe try out your singing voice to match that key accordion!

Also, I'm pretty sure that Martin has come across a secret tuning method recently that makes the accordion practically play itself. The reeds are tuned in such a way that allows them to cooperate very well with one another and with the accordion player's senses of touch, feel, and hearing! So well in fact, that it's hard to mess up while playing that accordion either while drunk or sober. The accordion becomes in tuned with you and you with the accordion. Almost magical. I say he has come across this tuning lately because he sure as hell didn't know about it when he made an accordion for me many years ago! I have recently performed on one of these so called magic accordions that belongs to a good friend of mine. I have access to it pretty often, and it definitely stands out amongst the accordions that I have available to me these days. Imagine that. A got dam Magic Accordion that lets you cheat your way to passing yourself off as a "good" accordion player with minimum effort and time while everyone else struggles for years with their half ass tuned accordions.

Re: What does a Martin sell for new these days?

What utter bull **** ! Parroted garbage. Keep in mind you have an experienced, educated audience.

A Martin or a Savoy and some other Cajun made accordeons are grossly overpriced when compared with Quebec or Italian boxes. And I mean GROSSLY overpriced.

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