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New Years Eve and the week following

Can anybody say where some traditional Cajun accordion (live) can be heard in Louisiana during the first week of 2020? And, could anybody provide a source to find out what's going on, and where (if nothing has been advertised as of yet?) I'm especially interested around Eunice, Crowley, Breaux Bridge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, but not limited to any particular place.

Re: New Years Eve and the week following

listen or search KBON 101.1 radio station. they give updates for bands playing in the area and when

Re: New Years Eve and the week following

Try arnb.org (see link 1 below). They have a good listing of events in the area. You can see the free schedule, but you need to subscribe to see the venue info. It costs only $4.99 for a month.

Re: New Years Eve and the week following

There are some regular events that happen every week - Marc Savoy's jam in Eunice on Saturday mornings, Fred's Lounge in Mamou on Saturday morning/afternoon, Liberty Theater show on Saturday evening (Eunice), Chris Miller's regular Wednesday gig at Loggerheads (Lake Charles), weekly jams (not sure what days/evenings) at Vermillionville (Lafayette), Rocky's (Eunice), and DI's (Basille), . Then there are a number of venues that regularly book Cajun music -- Blue Moon Saloon (Lafayette), Artmosphere (Lafayette), Whirlybird (Opelousas), Pont Breaux (Breaux Bridge), Prejean's (Lafayette), La Poussiere (Breaux Bridge), Vermillionville (Lafayette), Randol's (Lafayette). If you check the websites and/or Facebook pages for these venues, I'm sure you'll find more than enough to keep you busy.

Re: New Years Eve and the week following

Live Cajun music every night at Randol's in Lafayette.

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