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Re: Scott Playboy/New Crowley

Essentially, there were two different Crowley Two Steps that emerged after the war, and both became popular.

In 1935, the Breaux brothers recorded "Le One Step A Martin" for Vocalion Records. This song's melody endured and at some point was referred to unofficially as the "Crowley Two Step"

After the war....
In 1949, Doc Guidry recorded a version of "Buffalo Gals" on fiddle and gave it the name "Crowley Two Step" for Fais Do Do Records. (Eventually Walter Mouton would give this a slight twist and rename it "Scott Playboy Special")

When Aldus Roger went to record the old Breaux tune in 1960, he also named it "Crowley Two Step", but because it was based on the older Breaux tune, it was dubbed as the old "Crowley Two Step".

Doc's Crowley ended up getting referred to as the new "Crowley Two Step".

Since then, the 'old' and the 'new' references have been interchanged quite a bit over the years between Doc's version and Aldus' version.

  • Old Crowley Two Step by Kevin Naquin (Aldus' version)

  • Old Crowley Two Step by Cajun Troubadours (Doc's version)

  • New Crowley Two Step by Lege/Poullard (Doc's version)

  • New Crowley Two Step by The Bone Tones (Aldus' version)

Re: Scott Playboy/New Crowley

Link#2 for a few Crowleys and I think old and new :smile:

Doc Guidry

Aldus Roger

Steve Riley and Doug Kershaw

Re: Scott Playboy/New Crowley

Wow! Thanks for that information.I appreciate your help.

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