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Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux and Hathaway Hop

I think Nathan Abshire was the first to record the tune under the name "Hathaway Two-Step" in 1949, but it was recorded in 1929 under the title "La Stomp Creole" by Harrington, Landry and Steward. I've never heard Amede Breaux's version, and don't know when he recorded it, but Hathaway is a small community about 10 miles north of Jennings, which was Nathan's stomping grounds around that time (The Pine Grove Club was NE of Jennings). It would make more sense that Nathan would have named his version of the tune for that area, but I could be wrong.

Some lagniappe for y'all, Hathaway is home to one of the most traditional Mardi Gras celebrations in South Louisiana, the Grand Marais Courir, which is probably closer to the Medieval French Mardi Gras celebrations than any other Courir in Louisiana.

Re: Ambrose Thibodeaux and Hathaway Hop

I also found a version on the LP This is Mamou Cajun Radio(1979 Sonet label) with
Accordion, Vocals – LeRoy Fuselier
Arranged By – S. Courville*
Design – Wagner Design Unit
Guitar, Vocals – Preston Manuel
Lacquer Cut By – T*
Liner Notes – Sam Charters*
Triangle – Joe Bradford
Violin – Sady Courville
Words By – Revon Reed*

Found this in an interesting playlist with 100 songs in it !

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