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Re: Guitar Chords for Bonsoir Moreau Canray Fontenot

Actually, there are 4 chords.

There are two sections of the chord progression, which repeat.

One part is G Em, the other part is C Am


Re: Guitar Chords for Bonsoir Moreau Canray Fontenot

Thanks David, I'm not good in minor-chords :wink:

Re: Guitar Chords for Bonsoir Moreau Canray Fontenot

I've been a bass player and guitar player since high school, both of which require paying a great deal of attention to chord progressions. I have a great deal of experience in that area.

On bass and guitar, you need to be constantly aware where you are in the chord progression and where you're going next. But when I play accordion, it's totally different. I have to have some awareness of it in order to direct the band properly, especially when learning a new song. But sometimes I find that it's a lot easier to communicate with them in their own language if I pick up the guitar and figure out the chords myself rather than have them figure it out on their own.

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