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Re: Stolen Acadian Accordion

It was a smash & grab from his car, it was in the trunk. there wasn't anything else stolen to my knowledge. no jealous children. The name is engraved in the wood. He is offering a reward for it as well.

Re: Stolen Acadian Accordion

Well, If I do happen to come across said accordion, I will see it back to it's home. But not before I give the thief a really good and thorough throttling the likes of which he or she has never seen before. Why do "some" people take these kinds of risk knowing full well that I'm out there hunting them down the minute they screw up and offend their fellow man? Meth, Crack, and Monkey DNA. Son's a B****** would steal from their own mothers! Got Dammit that gets my feathers all ruffled up!

Re: Stolen Acadian Accordion

E Kinney
Hello friends, my brothers Acadian accordion was stolen from his car in New Orleans recently and we're trying to recover it. It's a light brown one with gold/mustard colored bellows and it's engraved with the name "Whit Connah" Whit is our godfather and it was willed to my brother after death so it's pretty important to our family. if anyone sees it pop up in a pawn shop or anything I'd appreciate any help! thanks

Here's a picture of it
geez evan, i know you guys

i have not checked here in a while

will def look for it!!

is it still missing?


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