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I would translate a little differently

Tu traines les chemins proche tout les soirs
Toute la journée t’es après dormir
Quand le monde se lêve, toi t’es après te coucher
Écoute-moi bien, porte attention, moi je veux t’parler

Si moi je serais toi, je changerais ma vie
Essaye de réveiller quand le soleil se lêve
Toi t’es après réveiller après le soleil se coucher
Comme on dit en anglais, “Listen to me when I talk to you.”

Il y a un tas des choses tu peux pas faire le soir
Tu pourras voir à la clarté du jour
T’es après manquer la moitié de ta vie
Écoute-moi bien porte moi attention,
Je su’ après t’parler

Quand tu vas te saouler, il faut que ça va te ramener
Quand tu te réveilles, t’es bien malade
T’as pas de l’avenir dedans ta vie
Comme on dit en anglais, “Listen to me when I talk to you.

You drag the roads almost every night
All day long you are sleeping
When the people get up, you are sleeping
Listen to me good, pay attention, I want to talk to you

If I were you, I would change my life
Try to wake up when the sun rises
You wake up after the sun goes down
As we say in English, “Listen to me when I talk to you.”

There are a lot of things you can't do at night
You will be able to see in the light of day
You're missing half your life
Listen to me good, pay attention,
I'm talking to you

When you get drunk, they have to bring you back
When you wake up, you are very sick
You have no future in your life
As we say in English, “Listen to me when I talk to you.”


now that translation makes a bit more sense to me thankyou Bryan


One I missed, the third verse, second line, I would translate as “you could see the light of day”


That's much better :blush:


correction made, again thanks much Bryan

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