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how old is this old Hohner?

I have a very old two Hohner accordion in D/A. It has a brown leather type cover, stamped in the center with Hohner Accordeon and an Anchor. There are vertical rows of a filigree type designs also impressed in to the material.

I tried to post a picture but all that would print was the go to https info.

I would like to know how old this accordion is.



Re: how old is this old Hohner?

I would guess the 1930s. I stumbled upon a pre-Hohner button box made by Koch, which Hohner absorbed in 1929, so my box is ca. 1920s. The guy who restored it made a video, see link #1. Link #2 might help you find more info.

Re: how old is this old Hohner?

Russ thanks for the information.

The Hohner site says they have been putting a Serial Number on the back of their accordions since 1930. They have all the records.

The accordion has no numbers on the outside anywhere and I am not going to look inside. I will just assume it is pre-1930. It was a great find, it has a lot of patina and some wear from age. But, whomever had it, keep it in tune and it plays just fine.

Again, thanks for the websites.

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