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Happy Fats' "La Veuve de la Coulee" - 1968

A short clip from the film "Les Acadiens de la Dispersion" released in 1968. Leroy "Happy Fats" Leblanc on guitar and vocals. Andrus "Uncle Ambrose" Thibodeaux on fiddle. Huey Meaux on guitar.n (Maybe Bradley Meaux?) Believed to have been filmed in Abbeville, LA.

Entire film can be found at ONF (National Film Board of Canada) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaGf1kA590U


Re: Happy Fats' "La Veuve de la Coulee" - 1968


Yeah, that looks like Abbeville for the Dairy Festival (now Cattlemen's Festival). I recognized some of the businesses. The oak tree with moss is probably in Madgdalen Square across from the church. The street dance is what my generation called a fais do do, not an old house party with a room for all the children to go to sleep while the adults played music and danced.

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