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Stops on Hohner Cajun IV

I’m new to the accordion (fiddle is my main instrument). I noticed Nick says all 4 stops are left open (up) usually. But on my Hohner Cajun IV (yeah, I know but wanted to make sure i like it before dropping a lot of money on a better one), it seems the open postion is for them to be down. I cant get a sound at all if theyre all up. Is that normal for this model? Seems all the videos ive seen of other players with other accordions is with the stops up. Is this hohner just backwards?



Re: Stops on Hohner Cajun IV

Good question. I have the same box. I was puzzled. I just picked it up too. I'd love to know. Also, I've decided once I graduate college I'm gonna purchase a handmade Louisiana square. Whether I can play or not. They are beautiful

Re: Stops on Hohner Cajun IV

Yep, Nick confirmed that the Hohner is backwards. Seems like a decent instrument so far and if I stick with it I definitely plan to upgrade. I was pretty solid with the Anglo concertina years ago so hoping the learning curve on this thing won't be too steep.

Re: Stops on Hohner Cajun IV

Yeah, Honers be backwards or upside down.

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