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Re: just has that one trick chord

a matter of tase i guess but the progression goes c e f g a very nice and simple way to move up the scale in the key of C since Eminor is the relative minor of G.. but E major has nothing to do with the key of C and if you stick it in there the progression cefg makes less sense and I just played it on the guitar.. the emajor derails what the song is meant to do... in my maybe not humble enough opinion.

Re: tunes in minor keys

... this version is 100 % minor ....
Well, i'd say maybe listen a little closer, she improvises a lot, and does the same trick on the 7th too ...

Re: tunes in minor keys

Ha Nout,

Maybe it's the age, but I didn't hear any or many major thirds(in this case a B), and not one single "gypsy" note (F#), so for me this version is still minor to me.
Of course I had heard all those major and minor sevenths (F's and F#'s),and the switching between them. Fortunately, I'm not completely deaf yet! Very subtle and beautiful indeed!
But IMHO this version of Paddy Fahey's is in Gm, Dorian Scale, with occasional major 7ths.
But, how OT can we get? : Fiddle, not accordion, Irish, and not Cajun, and a lot of notes which are not even doable on a CA! (I tried to play it on my C box (in Dm, the only possible way), but I lack the low A, so it didn't work)
But still, a lovely piece of music. Thanks for posting!
See you monday hopefully around 9 at Tom's. (I have a gig first) so we can discuss this futher if you want!


I was wrong. She plays an Aeolian note too -Eb- and the very last double stop she plays is a G major chord.

oops 2

And, of course, lots and lots of F#s, alternated with F's.

Re: tunes in minor keys

1755, that's another one in a minor key. Sounds similar to the mardi gras song in certain parts too.

Re: tunes in minor keys

Pauline, or Donnez-moi Pauline.

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