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Friends in Louisiana

Dear friends, I am so happy to have found this website to thank you for your enjoyable music. I came to Louisiana in 1993 and since then, I always appreciate Cajun music. The rhythm is very rapid, dynamic, and when you sing in Cajun, I can understand... not all, but some words.
So, laisse le bon temps rouler, and thank you.
May I ask you a question ? It is the only website I found where I'm nearly sure to talk to Cajun people : what website can I surf on to discuss about Cajun general topics : food, traditions, daily life, jobs... I desperately try to find it on the web, and it seems to be impossible.
Keep playing your wonderful smiling music !


Re: Friends in Louisiana

Welcome Linda :-)
Take a look at link#2 and maybe there's something.

Re: Friends in Louisiana

There are many sites you can talk to Cajuns on. Join the Cajun French Virtual Table Facebook group, also Codifil has a list French Tables many are now meeting via zoom due to the pandemic. I know Dale Savoie's group, Ken Romero's group, Sam Craft's group as well as the group that met at Dwyers on Wednesday mornings are meeting via zoom to chat now.

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