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Coz Fontenot

Several days ago, Neal Pomea sent me a copy of a picture from the Savoy Music center Jam Session. The picture was three empty chairs with the names of three musicians: Harry Lafleur, Coz Fontenot, and one that I could not read - absolutely heart-breaking. When I started looking for the obituary for Coz, I also found an interview with Coz that Herman Fuselier did a short time before he died.

Herman's interview is superb. The title of the interview is "Cajun Music helps Coz Fontenot through fire, wheelchair life." Whether or not you knew Coz, I highly recommend that all of you listen to it. It lasts about 36 minutes, and it is spellbinding and heartbreaking. He was a special person.

You can find it by searching for "Coz Fontenot," by the title of the interview, or by the title of Herman's website - "Cajun and Creole Talk."

I can't speak for everyone, but I don't think I'll ever be the same after reading it. He was an authentic Cajun who had great love for Cajun music and everything Cajun. He persevered through unbelievably bad things that happened to him and was optimistic about the future. Now he is gone.

Jack Bond

Re: Coz Fontenot

I would make a guess that third may have been Gene Broussard

Re: Coz Fontenot

Thanks for sharing that, it was a great story he had to share. I had not heard of him before but will try and learn more about him and his music.

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