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For Sale Unique Jr Martin Bb

Has been rarely played, very mint, kept smoke-free mainly in the house in studio circumstances. Bellows still a little stiff.

Hand painted signed bellows deco, superlight, fast & loud player with superb sound.
Dry Tuned, case included. Has the Crabfish cornerpieces.

Located in Europe, Netherlands. email your offer, but please don't come with unreasonable ones as i will ignore them. Insured shipping to the US is around 180 $, but i can shop for a shipping broker at probably 30% less. Paypal 3.5%% extra.

The image link was not working:

Re: For Sale Unique Jr Martin Bb

That is a nice looking box. What is your asking price?

Re: For Sale Unique Jr Martin Bb

PM me with offers please; i had my fill with public negotiations.

Re: For Sale Unique Jr Martin Bb

Strike the "very" mint.
It is either mint or it is not.

As stupid as pregnant or "very" pregnant.

There is only on kind of pregnant.. pregnant.

There is one kind of "mint"

Mint ( unused, untouched all original) or everything else.

Re: For Sale Unique Jr Martin Bb

Whatever ... it's very


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