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Kyle Huval (Poteau d'e Coin)

Can anyone help with Brandon Moreau's lyrics on Sunny's Waltz and his version of Marche de Mariage? Brandon has a set of pipes on him but sometimes hard to get everything he is saying. Never forget seeing him at La Poussiere. I thought he would take the roof off the place.


Re: Kyle Huval (Poteau d'e Coin)

Maybe you can ask Brandon himself.
I have lyrics of the March Mariée(Kermit Venable) , but I don't know if that's the same.

Re: Kyle Huval (Poteau d'e Coin)

Does anyone have Brandon's email?

Re: Kyle Huval (Poteau d'e Coin)

He's on Facebook too :slightly_smiling_face:

Here's our version

Marche de Mariée (C)

Tu m'as pris dans les bras
comme un pauvre orphelin.
Tu m'as promis de me soigner
jusqu'au jour de ma mort, ma chere tite fille.

Et il y en a qui a charre
et il y en a qui a bavarde
Pour essayer de casser un ménage
Que moi et toi, on aime toujours.

Until here Kermit Venables

This is of Pine Leaf Boys (I think)

Aujourd’hui c’est le jour
qu’on va se mettre ensemble
On peux vivre moi et toi
Pour toujours avec les enfants si content

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