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I know this might be a bit of a joke to some older accordion builders but i was wanting to try a hand at building my own to try and preserve the culture and keep it going and im pretty familiar with the ins and outs of the cajun accordion iv seen the in side and out and i know pretty well how it functions i was wanting to collect some information on measurements of all the frames and reed blocks for bass and for treble and face plates basically i need some good advice and measurements of the parts of the instrument

Re: Building

Send me an e mail and I'll send you some schematics.. this may atke a bit of time considering I just moved and can't find anything so be patient.

Bug me if I don't get back to you soon

jefe the number f o r t y SIX attttttt urthlinque daught nettt

or call me at airy caud five for won sven owe two too 5 niner niner

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