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I need help.

I need for someone who plays b-flat accordion to please help me so I can sound like a song I listen to zydeco on YouTube but what I I play doesn't even sound right.

Like for example boozoo chavis: Dog Hill I can't figure it out.

Re: I need help.

Well, we can start with posting "Dog Hill" by Boo Zoo. It is being played on a B flat accordion, but it is being played in the key of "F" (aka on the pull) (aka in the fifth b,c,d,e,"F",g,a,). I don't play a B flat accordion though. But I can play along with this song in the key of "F" on my "C" accordion. If I can do that, you should be able to follow easy on your B flat. Zydeco uses buttons 3 and 7 together on the pull to intro many songs. Pre-seaded by a short press on button 6 on the pull of course.

Re: I need help.

Only recently, I have started practicing Accordion. I took help from the tutorials from eduhelphub, they have been really helpful. very soon I hope to apply music theory and play any song that I want.

Re: I need help.

I don’t think boozoo really knew exactly what he was doing either lol. Not in a bad way of course. Sometimes you just roll with it baby. I remember him saying to the band in one those live recordings follow me.

Re: I need help.

Boozoo: If it's wrong, do it wrong, with me. If I'm wrong you wrong too.

Re: I need help.

Boozoo Chavis 41 Days.

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