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Cajun Tuning

Hi there

When sweetening the thirds in the Key of C by flattening the E note by approx 12.5 cents, on the next octave do you flatten that E note by
12.5 or only by half the amount 6.25 cents as its an octave higher ? .
the first button on the 10 button accordion push note is the 3rd
is that tuned 12.5 then the fourth button push note (E) is tuned 6.25 next E note 3.125 etc or do all thirds get dropped by 12.5 cents
my tuner uses cents not HZ
any help greatly appreciated


Re: Cajun Tuning

Per Jude Moreau in a 2013 post on this forum:

"...All I need to know is, 15 cents flat tempering on the 3rd and 7th."

Re: Cajun Tuning

I believe (and I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong) that a "cent" is not a fixed amount, but is rather simply (by definition) 1/100 of the distance between two semitones (i.e., adjacent notes). This would be so even though the "distance" in Hz between two adjacent semitones will be different from one octave to the next. So, no, if you're flattening the E by 12.5 cents, you'll want to flatten it by 12.5 cents regardless of octave.

Re: Cajun Tuning

Ah Ha.. a voice of experience education and reasoning.

Cajun Tuning is tuning bey a Cajun.. As a Cajun Accordeon is one made by a Cajun.

"Cajun" tuning is variable ..as in Savoy who cuts corners and saves time and money by abbreviating what has been traditionally know as "Cajun " tuning. This is one method or style or formula of just" tuning pre dating Cajuns by a couple thousand years.

Re: Cajun Tuning

Thanks everyone much appreciated

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