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Re: Wet tuning?

By setting one of the mid banks sharp, a dissonant pulsing or warbling sound is created. It sounds more like an organ. Typical wet for a Cajun box is 15 cents, also 10 cents is popular or half-wet 7.5 cents for milder effect. Some 3-rows go up 20 cents.

Zydeco players seem to favor wet tuning. Also I have found more wet tuned Cajun accordions in the western Golden Triangle area, whereas most prairie and bayou Cajuns seem to prefer dry.

If you have a wet-tuned box, you can choke (partially close) or close the off-tuned bank for drier/dry sound. If you choke a dry-tuned box, the bank goes flat, so you don't get the exact same effect as the sharp method.

Re: Wet tuning?

Anything than octave or unison tuning is by definition "wet"

If you have a 2 reed or 3 or 4 reed box tuned unison or dry, you have a concertina sound.

I like some degree of "wet" so that my boxes don't sound like concertinas.

There is a thing called "difference tuning" Meaning anything flat or sharp of (A440) or your base tuning will give you more "presence" and believe it or not more "projection" and volume"

And of course this has zip all to do with "Cajun" or "Pythagorean" or "just" tuning or 12 TET tuning.

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