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Re: Le Charivari - Marion Marcotte

The best way to learn the language is to do what your doing. I'll just make a couple points. For transcriptions, a lot of people will right the pronoun "elle" as it is normally spoken. Before a verb/word which starts with a consonant, it is normal to write, "A" and before a vowel, "Alle".

Example: A dit qu'alle était pas là... etc

Here is one phrase that I updated from your transcription:

"A s’est tournée su(r) Marcellus et alle a henni, “Hi hi” A dit, “Fais pas ça Poulet, à chaque fois tu me pinces par en dessous comme ça, tu me donnes un frisson d’la ceinture en bas.”

"She turned to Marcellus and she giggled, "Hi hi hi" She says, "Don't do that Babe. Every time you pinch me down there like that, you give me a shiver below my belt"

- Most people normally use "avoir" with "se tourner" but I think that Marcotte using "etre" here"
- "Hennir" litterally means "neighed" like a horse. I think marcotte makes the past participle sound more like "Henné"
- I think she is calling him "Poulet" (Chicken). Marcotte's character's often have illusions to animals.

Re: Le Charivari - Marion Marcotte

Ted, that clears up some of the audio that I struggled with the most - very helpful, thanks.

Re: Le Charivari - Marion Marcotte

Thanks Ted! I agree with your comments!

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