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Re: How would I apply music theory to the accordion?

Some super smart feller by the name a Greezy McGill came up with the idea and a way to apply it practically. Its like he showed up outta no where, gave his gift to mankind, and disappeared like a fart in the wind or something. Kinda like that Jesus guy if you really think about it.

Re: How would I apply music theory to the accordion?

Music Theory helped me understand music as a whole and what I can do with sound in time. It doesn’t apply to any one instrument for me and I play quite a few. I’m just grateful we have all these resources now. Like But big beezy miller and Mrs Kylie who is highly educated in music. Sshh when I was growing up I’d sit and psycho watch my Nonc hub and both my paperes play fiddle. I asked them to teach me and they replied with abrupt wisdom by saying I can’t teach you that, it’s got to be in your head and heart. If you can whistle it you can play it, it’s just a matter of how bad you want it. Ask Blake Miller at y’all lesson the first tune Mr Larry teaches on his accordion lesson cd. It’s Mary had a little lamb because everyone knows that melody. Hope y’all doing well and lâche pas

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