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Time Travel Disclosed!

Just wanted to chime in and let you guys know that time travel does indeed exist and that "THEY" have been using it since a few decades after the Roswell crash, 1981 to be exact. Seems one of them aliens came out of that ship with a box in his hands. No, it wasn't an accordion box. It was the device that helped them to cancel out the effects of gravity. Turns out that the ship's chair reads the mind of the driver and opens up time and space portals to where ever and when ever the driver thinks of going. When you cancel out gravity using that box, you can travel through time. That being said, "THEY" are going to disclose this information to the population in the near future when Trump is put back into the Presidency that is rightfully his. I plan to apply for a time travel permit at that point and go back to find out who were the 3 men responsible for the attempted murder of Amedee Ardoin. I'm also going to track the texas guy that drove his car into and killed Iry Lejeune. Catch up with him days before the accident to see if it was a paid hit or just an accident. After I get done with that, I plan to show up at my grandfathers house as a travel weary stranger and teach him how to play the accordion like an ace and instruct him to invest heavily in Yahoo and Apple.

Re: Time Travel Disclosed!

Hey Grand,

Yunno, that sounds really cool and all. (He says, backing away slowly - LOL)

K'mon back later and let us know how it worked out for ya.


Re: Time Travel Disclosed!

When you go back in time (way back) take Trump with you & leave him there.

Re: Time Travel Disclosed!

Indeed, Biden is just the best there ever was.

Re: Time Travel Disclosed!

Larry, please don't tell me that you were one of the 5 Biden voters.

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