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Re: Here's another suggestion: get insurance!

Of course!

Re: Shipping my accordions... suggestions?

Should have bought a:smile: Martin you would still be playing :laughing:

Re: Shipping my accordions... suggestions?

I've owned four Martins.

Re: Shipping my accordions... suggestions?

Martins, the butt jointed wonders.

Hi Tommy..

It was hot here in So Oregon.. over 70 days of 90 plus..19 days of 100 up to 109.

We moved from Williams to Jacksonville..

finally had enough of the dope growers.

New phone


hop all is well with you.

As to boxking

Bubble wrap then a cardboard box.
Larger box with plastic peanuts as another buffer.

Good luck.

Re: Shipping my accordions... suggestions?

Hey there Cooter! Hope all is well up in your neck of the woods. Waiting for rain here. Call ya soon.

Re: Shipping my accordions... suggestions?

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the call... good to play catch up.

Pacific Storm has just hit here in the Rogue Valley..
lots of wind and rain.

Glad you are doing well,

hope to conect in person one day.


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